Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday Overload! The Must See Holiday Displays in Columbus 2016

It's just about Christmas and I have been exploring Columbus and the surrounding area through rain, snow and below freezing temperatures, looking for the best residential light displays. For two years I have posted a list of over the top decorated homes and neighborhoods, some delightfully tacky, some impeccably designed and most of them including synchronized music. I enjoy searching for these displays each year because it evokes a great sense of nostalgia of the early years of my life, the years when Christmas felt so magical. Two years ago, I started this list with four houses. There was not much in terms of places to turn to for information on these over the top homes, the ones with almost sixty thousand lights and front yards covered in Christmas figurines like the houses we see on the show Christmas Light Fight. This year Columbus has one resource other than mine that I will add at the end of this post if you want to add a few more houses to your list to check out. I will warn you that just because it is listed doesn't mean you are getting something really over the top on the other list. My list includes homes that I have personally visited and deem worth the drive if you don't happen to live up the street from any of these places. I also want to mention, just because a display isn't on my list, doesn't mean it wasn't worthy. It just means I can't vouch for it's worthiness. I only have so much time to make this list and I always end up discovering new displays after I have posted. Follow me on instagram @krisofohio for bonus displays I am sure to find later. For now, check out this year's list of six beautiful displays.

Upper Arlington

1.Making Spirits Bright

3112 Melbury Dr. (Woods of Scioto)Upper Arlington 

This first home is one that I found right after making my list last year. It ended up being a bonus display that I just posted on my social media pages. I am happy to be able to include it to my actual list this year. The Making Spirits Bright house is presented by the Stepp Family each year. It is one of the cleanest, most organized displays in the area and on my list. It has replaced my former favorite from the last two years. For daily information about this music synced display, you can visit their facebook page. The show is usually cancelled when it rains. Check out the video of this display on my instagram @krisofohio to get the full effect.

2.The Crazy Christmas House

Guilford Road off Riverside Dr. Upper Arlington

This house may be the most popular and well known in the area. I have personally been visiting the home for about five years. It never gets old. I love that it appears to be decorated with every Christmas related item that the owner has ever owned. There is so much to look at that you can see the display ten times and never see everything. I like to get out the car and get a closer look. Be careful though, this display is always a little busy. There are also other homes in the area worth riding passed.

West Columbus

3. Land of Lights

Valleyview Dr. off Hague (Across from the YMCA)

This family is on it's second generation of holiday decorators and the light count has increased each year I have visited. The display makes it's third appearance on my list. Last year the light count was 57,300 and this year they increased the display to 59,600 lights. Drive up the long driveway and get out if you want. The display is free but you are welcomed to leave a donation. This picture does the real display no justice, there are lights and figurines everywhere. There are so many lights, it is impossible to get the entire display in one photo.

4.Westbrook Village Lights
Located on Westbrook Village off Holt Rd & Lesbrook Dr.
(near Georgesville)

A handful of neighbors get together each year to put on a light show that also benefits local food pantries. You can watch the light display and listen to their special holiday music station, synchronized to the lights. If you are feeling giving this season, bring can goods to leave in their drop box to give to those who are in need.

Grove City

5. Holiday JOY on Lambert 

Lambert Rd between Beatty and Norton Rd

This year is the first year I have visited this display. It was a lead I received last year after I posted my list. I am not certain how many lights they used but it is certainly a lot. This is another display photo that does the real life display no justice. It is a very colorful display spread out over what looks like two acres of land. The lights are strung high on the trees. It sits on what feels like a country road, so there are no sidewalks to walk around. 

6.Christmas in the Country

Kropp Rd off of Alkire near Galloway, Ohio

 I have to warn you that this last photo is another photo that does the display no justice. The display is a light display synchronized to it's own holiday music station and is constantly blinking. Those kind of displays are always hard to shoot, so a lot of time I just take an image from the video I shot. This display makes the list a second time and is very close to the display mentioned before this. The display consists mostly of lights but like a couple previous displays it is stretched out over a large plot of land. If you want to really enjoy the show, pull off the road so that you aren't interrupted by traffic.

These six displays are all worth a car ride and if you want to get to them all in one evening, I suggest making a travel plan to make the transition to each location short and smooth. I have already divided the houses into the city/suburb they are located. If you are interested in more displays, check out and select the light tab. Some of the houses have photos, so you can see if you are interested in visiting. I visited a few houses from the site in areas I was already visiting, they didn't make my list but there are some that look like they are pretty great. Hopefully I will get to them before the season ends. If you know of a house I need to check out, let me know here or via instagram and facebook. They won't make my list this year but there is always next year.
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